Our Mission

To ensure that pacemaker and cardiac device patients can access cancer and stroke care reliant on MRI, just like the rest of us.

What we do


Automated protocols & consent


Our award winning platform manages complex MRI referrals for patients with implanted cardiac devices. We are designed by medical professional societies and coupled with a network of NHS hospitals.

A well-designed pathway is key to safe MRI service delivery, especially when there are complex interactions between the strong magnetic field and implanted medical devices. We have developed an intelligent cloud-based platform to guide you through the referral and scanning process. This results in faster referrals and reporting, fewer emails, quicker and safer decisions.

Benefits include “safer, easier, faster” services for patients and staff.

  • Increased referral volume
  • Reduce referral time
  • Improved safety and
  • Reduce administration

Whats the problem?

There are a over five million people with pacemakers and defibrillators worldwide, and the majority are likely to need an MRI scan in their lifetime. Patients with cardiac devices are fifty times less like to be referred for MRI scans, and in the UK, about half of MRI departments do not provide these scans. This means patients have more invasive tests, delayed diagnosis and miss out on the best treatments for cancer and strokes. Many centres cannot provide these scans because of the complexity, logistical difficulties and time burden required to perform scans safely. PaceMRI helps to streamline the process.

You can find out more about the barriers and health inequality here


  • Cloud based
  • HSCN security
  • ISO accredited
  • NHS DSP Toolkit compliant (in fact, exceeding NHS standards)
Data Protection Act 2018
NHS DSP Toolkit Compliant
G-Cloud Assured Supplier
Data Centre Alliance Class 3 Facility
European Code of Conduct (EUCOC)
Cyber Essentials Plus


The BMJ awards winners 2018
HSJ value awards
Digital Health Rewired

Supported by:

Arrhythmia Alliance
Barts Health NHS Trust
British Cardiovascular Society
Hope for Hearts Fund
British Heart Foundation
British Heart Rhythm Society
British Society for Heart Failure
British Society of Cardiovascular Imaging
Cardiomyopathy UK
Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine
The Royal College of Radiologists
The Society of Radiographers